Photo credit: John Bilderback

Pūpūkea-Paumalū includes two ahupuaʻa famous for their surf breaks, rural lifestyle, and undeveloped coastal bluffs. In 2007, the Pūpūkea-Paumalū bluff, and part of the coastal plain it overlooks, was permanently protected from development through the concerted efforts of Federal, State, and City governments; community organizations; and private individuals, who managed to successfully raise funds to purchase the property for the benefit of the public. The area is rural, with land uses consisting primarily of open space, single-family homes, agricultural lots, and small-scale businesses. Within this community, the 1,144-acre City- and State-owned property is largely undeveloped, with rolling terrain and a 300 foot tall bluff approximately 1,200 feet inland from Kamehameha Highway. Three gulches run from ma uka to ma kai, created by three intermittent streams: Paumalū Pākūlena, and Kālunawaikaʻala. Today the 1,144-acre State Park Preserve is utilized for its excellent hiking and mountain biking trails and breathtaking coastal views by both community members and visitors alike.

Since the conservation of property in 2007, North Shore Community Land Trust has worked with the State of Hawaii Parks Department and the North Shore Trails Association to help maintain access for emergency vehicles along the pre-established dirt roads. North Shore Community Land Trust has also facilitated multiple erosion control projects to ensure that sediment runoff is controlled as more visitors come to enjoy the hiking trails.

Photo credit: Sean Davey

Volunteer at Pūpūkea Paumalū

We occasionally hold volunteer workdays for private groups in the Pūpūkea Paumalū State Park Reserve throughout the year. For the most updated information on workday dates please check out our Facebook page. If you or your group are interested in volunteering in the Pūpūkea Paumalū State Park Reserve, please contact Tim Tybuszewski at [email protected]. Mahalo!

Photo credit: Tim Tybuszewski