Photo credit: Yosuke Moriya

In light of development pressure on the North Shore as well as the region’s rich natural and cultural heritage, world-class recreation resources, and food security issues, in 2009 North Shore Community Land Trust began a visioning process aimed at conserving the heritage of the North Shore. North Shore Community Land Trust partnered with The Trust for Public Land to develop this Greenprint for guiding voluntary land conservation with willing landowners.

The Greenprint is based on local and regional conservation priorities. During the Greenprint process, North Shore Community Land Trust and an inclusive steering committee, with information gleaned from existing and past efforts as well as public information-gathering sessions, identified the lands on the North Shore that are most important for meeting multiple land conservation objectives. The result is a set of color-coded maps and action strategies.

Read and download the Greenprint below! (Hint: to download the file, hover over the document and click the download icon on the bottom left of the page.)