Donate Land

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We wouldn't be here if it weren’t for landowners who care about the North Shore. Are you a landowner whose property has significant conservation value, could provide an important wildlife corridor, or connects to already protected land? If so, NSCLT can help you protect your land through a land preservation agreement known as a conservation easement. [...]

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Planned Giving

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As you think about planning your estate please keep in mind that it can be easy to include a legacy, whether as a gift during your lifetime or at the time of your death, to North Shore Community Land Trust (NSCLT) as part of your estate planning by including a provision in your will or in [...]

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Estate Planning

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LAND CAN BE VALUABLE TO US IN MANY WAYS. To an investor, the value of a parcel of land is in the profit to be made from its sale. To an owner of commercial property, the property's value is in the rents which can be collected for its use. But to some of us, the value [...]

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The Conservation Easement

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The donation of a conservation easement to a Land Trust can reduce estate taxes by reducing the appraised value of land. If the appraised value is reduced sufficiently, estate tax obligations can be avoided altogether. Since most of the appraised value of land is in its potential for development; the donation of development rights to a [...]

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Gift of a Remainder Interest

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It is also possible to donate land but continue to live on it by donating a "remainder interest" in the property and retaining a "reserved life estate". They way this works is that you donate the property during your lifetime, but reserve the right for yourself and any other named persons to continue to live on [...]

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For More Information

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These are two options available to landowners who wish to protect both their land and their estates. If these issues are important to you, gathering information is essential before you take any action. After informing yourself regarding the choices available to you, it is imperative that the formalization of your protection plans be guided by an [...]

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Other Donor Options

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Even if you do not choose to donate a conservation easement or a remainder interest in land which you own, you still can help the North Shore Community Land Trust protect land for future generations. Please consider including in your will a donation to the North Shore Community Land Trust, whether that donation be in money, [...]

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